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Nope, still can't get off the planet

Star Protector suddenly came to. Although the shot a day ago had blasted a huge hole in his chest, he had somehow managed to heal and was back on his feet. Or rather, on his back for he found himself in a small wooden coffin. Bursting out, he discovered he had been packed away in a shipping crate and was now among the freight on the Tanoran Sun.

Ziggy was there too, and they called the others down on the planet to let them know that Star Protector was functional again. There was some debate as to whether he should stay put or join them on the surface, but in the end they decided to hire another shuttle and send him back down.

They met at the spaceport. Chez offered to head over to the hospital to protect Viktor while the others found a motel room. The others found a motel and borrowed a terminal to do a little research. Randall managed to find the location of “Eagletown Corporation” which had reported the supposed debt. It appeared to be a shell company of some sort that had fairly large amounts of money moving through it, and they had a field office in this city. So they headed out to take a look. It was in an office park, in a shared building. But the door was locked so they returned to the motel.

Meanwhile, Chez was listening in on the bug she had planted. She figured out that they were planning to go after Viktor, so she had Ziggy ring the other communicator (Cleopatra’s) and asked for backup. Unfortunately, Cleopatra must have been very sleepy or something (perhaps understandable as none of them had slept in well over 36 hrs) because she never actually sent Star Protector.

Chez slipped into the hospital and put on some doctor’s scrubs. She headed to Viktor’s room and tried to get him out, figuring that not being in the room he was listed in would be healthy for him. Viktor, by this time, had recovered from his surgery, but he was still completely blind since his force-grown eyes weren’t to be ready for another day. She loaded him onto a gurney and off they went.

Unfortunately, the gunmen were waiting and the moment Chez and Viktor stepped into the hall they began to fire. Chez sprinted up the hall and around the corner, getting away as a group of nurses came in from a side hall. But a few minutes later, the assassins managed to track them down.

Chez had to pull out HER gun and a lengthy firefight ensued. Chez was badly wounded and narrowly avoided near-fatal wounds. There were 2 gunman firing at them, but finally Chez shot one badly (he fled) and the blinded Viktor violently shoved the gurney in the direction of the other, managing to knock the gun from his hand for a moment. Hospital staff arrived then, in response to the noise and shouts, and the remaining gunman took off running. Chez hurriedly searched to see if she could track where he went, and somehow she managed to catch him escaping out a window. She managed to stun him with her ray gun, just as the police arrived.

They arrested Chez for firing a gun in the hospital, and got her injuries treated. She and Viktor were put under guard by several police officers. Meanwhile, they hauled away the human Chez had stunned: turns out he was some sort of professional assassin.

In the morning the rest of the party came to the hospital and police detective Quik! (that’s a click mark) interviewed them all. But they had called their lawyer, Thomson, and he came over during the questioning. The police then took them to a safe house where they finally had a chance to get uninterrupted rest. The police made a call and got the trial for Joseph and Randall delayed.

The following morning, Thomson came by the safe house with some news. He had discovered that the Templars were claiming the group had stolen something from them. Also that his sources in the police said some very strong political pressure was coming down to do something (just what was unclear) with them, and it was only being resisted by detective Quik!. Finally, he had learned who the Eagletown Corporation was a front for: the Rail Engineer’s Guild — the secretive and very powerful guild that controls transportation within the confederacy.



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